Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL)

Finding New Strength

Leadership Curriculum

The Finding New Strength series focuses on helping participants understand and develop the heart, character, and personal leadership skills necessary for long-term success.

Preparing for Success

Life Skills Curriculum

The Preparing for Success curriculum series teaches vital life skills from a biblical perspective. Participants build action plans that result in growth and ongoing success.

Breaking Free

Biblical Addiction Education Curriculum

The Breaking Free curriculum series covers the topic of addiction through a biblical worldview. Despite the name, our Personal Studies for New Life in Christ are also highly effective in group settings. You can use them in Sunday Schools, Youth Groups, or Small Groups.

Intimacy with Purpose

God's plan for healthy relationships and sexuality

The Intimacy with Purpose track covers the topic of healthy intimacy. The first three workbooks cover the topic of healthy sexual intimacy. The next three studies teach students the importance of relational, non-sexual intimacy with God, others, and in marriage.

PSNL Projects & Studies

Personal Studies for New Life in Christ

Personal Growth Plans

The PSNL Student Learning Contracts have been replaced with the Personal Growth Plans. The Personal Growth Plan is a new resource for Facilitators that is easily adapted, user-friendly, and student-focused.

PSNL Materials

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PSNL Studies

PSNL studies cover a variety of topics and challenge us to apply Biblical truths to our everyday lives. Each study can be completed within one week and provide daily readings, reflections, and action plans. Also included are weekly challenges to memorize core scriptures, reflect upon their meanings, and apply them to our lives. Each study is designed as a series of six (levels 100-600) books that covers a overarching topic. These studies are great for individuals, Adult & Teen Challenge programs, similar ministries, small groups, or counseling/mentoring settings.

PSNL Projects

Projects are shorter assignments that help us to reflect upon specific topics or questions. They are designed for use within a specific PSNL growth/learning progression for students and teacher’s within Adult & Teen Challenge classrooms, but they are equally valuable for similar ministries.