What's New?

One of our goals for the next 5 years is “Curriculum Optimization”. We are undertaking significant curriculum development with 48 new courses being introduced for personal studies. Our general studies curriculum will also be greatly enhanced. Check out some of the new studies and resources that have been launched recently!

PSNL 10-39 Facilitator Guide and Answer Key

The PSNL Projects 10-39 Facilitator Guide and Answer Key can revolutionize the PSNL classroom. It will help the facilitator to disciple students in a practical, but easy to use manner.

  • This book includes all of the answer keys for PSNL Projects 10-39.
  • You will find the learning objectives simplify writing student Personal Growth Plans. These objectives quickly put into perspective what the student should learn in each particular project, which makes it easier to assign the projects to the appropriate students.
  • The discussion points will assist busy facilitators to begin a dialog with their students, to assess their progress with the materials, and aid in understanding their students’ needs. There are also notes to give the teacher ideas for ways to proceed when things aren’t going as planned.

This resource will advance the discipleship process and allow the teacher more time to spend with individual students.

Breaking Free

The Breaking Free track covers the topic of addiction through a biblical worldview.

PSNL 10: Welcome Packet

This project is designed with new students in mind! It’s a great way to break the ice and get to know your students as they enter into the PSNL classroom. Students are asked to share fun facts about themselves, as well as, their strengths, growth points, and hopes for the future. They are also asked to share briefly about their educational background and the events that led up to their arrival.

Intimacy with Purpose

The Intimacy with Purpose track covers the topic of healthy intimacy. The first three workbooks, 105, 205, & 305 cover the topic of healthy sexual intimacy. The author of these books is Cindy Irwin, a licensed AG minister and Christian sex therapist.

The next three studies PSNL 405, 505, & 605 teach our students the importance of relational, non-sexual intimacy with God, others, and in marriage.

In these studies, we utilize a picture of a pyramid to explain God’s design for healthy intimacy. If sexual intimacy is the top point of the pyramid…the smallest part, because it takes up a relatively small amount of our time on this earth. It’s important, but it needs a solid foundation to be safe, healthy, and stable.