Committed Couples


Committed Couples is for married couples or engaged-to-be-married couples who are committed to God’s plan for marriage and family relationship. The various aspects of God’s design for marriage and the principles that support this sacred institution are highlighted. The purpose of Committed Couples is to help each married couple grow spiritually and emotionally in their relationship to each other through an awareness and application of biblical principles. It is important that each participant enter Committed Couples with the the purpose of wanting to be all God would have them to be in their marriage rather than trying to change their partner. Sessions include:

  • In the Beginning — Marriage
  • The Example: Christ and the Church
  • God’s Plan for the Husband
  • God’s Plan for the Wife
  • God’s Plan for the Children
  • Submitting to One Another
  • Becoming One in Christ
  • Forgiving
  • Communicating With One Another – Part 1
  • Communicating With One Another – Part 2
  • Family Finances
  • Watch for the Little Foxes
  • The Family Altar

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