Personal Growth Plan


To equip ATC centers and provide resources that can be practically utilized in classrooms today, the National Office has replaced the PSNL Student Learning Contracts with Personal Growth Plans.

The Personal Growth Plan is a new resource that is easily adapted, user-friendly, and student-focused. Personal Growth Plans are the foundation upon which the PSNL discipleship model is built.

The structure of the Personal Growth Plan is based on the Cornerstones of learning principles found in the PSNL classroom. It includes: setting goals, character qualities, PSNL projects & studies, scripture memorization, Bible reading, and personal learning.

The benefits of using Personal Growth Plans:

  • Opportunities to introduce students to Christ.
  • High level of focus and accountability for students.
  • Increased counseling/discipling opportunities for the facilitator.
  • Flexibility to invest in one-on-one discipleship.
  • Ability to meet unique student needs.

There are two options for using this tool. Printed copies can be ordered in packs of 50, or click below to download as a pdf with dropdown menu options of currently offered studies. You will learn more about writing Personal Growth Plans when taking the Facilitator Certification course in ATC Bridge.

A great way to get to know your students and assess what areas of growth should be included in their initial Personal Growth Plan is to have them complete PSNL 10 Welcome Packet.


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