PSNL 507: Building a New Legacy


PSNL 507: Building a New Legacy is the fifth study in the Breaking Free series. Now that we have turned the corner on breaking the addictive cycle, we begin to look forward to a new future. However, in order to look ahead, we must first look back and admit that addiction builds a legacy of despair, brokenness, and hopelessness. God is calling us to face the realities of the past boldly, because He has a plan to give us a hope and future. This study will show us that it is possible to build a new legacy, free from the influence of sin and addiction. We can rebuild from the ashes of our past and become a blessing to others. We will turn our eyes to the future and seek God’s guidance and direction for the legacy He is calling us to build.

We will answer questions like: What is legacy? What does legacy have to do with addiction? What does a healthy legacy look like? What legacy is God calling me to build?

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