PSNL Certification Curriculum Bundle (Classic) Part 1


This bundle contains one copy of all of the classic PSNL curriculum. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with our personal studies. This bundle is also part of the required reading for Adult & Teen Challenge staff who are working on their PSNL Facilitator Certification Course. (The online PSNL Facilitator Certification Course itself must be purchased separately.)

The PSNL Certification Curriculum Bundle (New Materials) Part 2 is also required reading for the online PSNL Facilitator Certification Course.

Includes: Bible Reading Class | Character Qualities Class | Personal Reading Class | Scripture Memorization Class | Sunday Sermon Personalization | 10. Welcome Packet | 11. Does God Have Plans for My World | 12. A New Look at Life | 13A. Yes! I Want to Become a Christian | 13B. My Questions about Christianity | 13C. I’m Not Sure If I’m a Christian | 13D. Now That I’m a Christian | 14. Who is God? | 21. Showing Kindness, Ephesians | 22. Forgiving Others, Colossians | 23. Your Thoughts, Philippians | 24. A New Way of Talking, Ephesians | 25. Showing Respect, 1 Peter | 26. Enthusiasm, Romans 12:1 | 27. Showing Gentleness, James | 28. Responsibility | 29. Discoveries of Today | 32. New Hope for Life | 33. Preparing for Court | 34. Managing My Sexual Impulses | 35. Biography of My Family | 36. God’s Plan for the Family | 37. My Life of Work | 38. Interviewing Christian Professionals | 39. Sometimes I Feel Like Leaving | PSNL Projects 10-39 Facilitator Guide and Answer Key

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