Small Group Facilitator Certification

$100 annually or $10 monthly

Included in Subscription

  • Certification Card: Identifies you as an approved ATC Facilitator/Trainer
  • Welcome Packet: Includes brochures, ATC resources, Support team contact information, etc…
  • Annual Training: You will have access to ongoing training, required annual training, and advanced training
  • Updated Curriculum: We are regularly writing new curriculum which can be offered as new groups
  • Discount: You will receive a discount on select ATC curriculum
  • Resources: Access to hotlines, counseling services, and residential centers
  • Team Support: Ongoing access to team and tech support

Note: This facilitator certification should only be purchased after submitting a volunteer application, passing a background check, and getting a confirmation that you have been approved to take the training. You can start that process here:


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Monthly, Annual

First Year Course Plan

All online courses and annual certification renewal are included in the subscription fee. 

  • Christian Models of People Helping
  • The Nature and Scope of Mental, Behavioral, and Relational Health Issues
  • Discovering your Personal Ministry Gifts
  • Characteristics of Effective People Helping
  • Unleashing the Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in People Helping
  • Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Virtual Ministry
  • Exposing the Nature of Addiction
  • Confronting Toxic Denial
  • Understanding Grief & Addiction
  • Ending the Addictive Cycle
  • Building a New Legacy
  • Establishing a New Normal
  • The Value of You
  • Treasure of Your Femininity/Masculinity
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Intimacy with God
  • Connecting with Others
  • The Intimacy of Marriage

This two step program introduces:

  • The relationship between grief and addiction
  • How to come alongside individuals to guide them through difficult times of loss
  • Intro to Confidentiality
  • Best Practices
  • Record Keeping
  • HIPAA & ATC Requirements
  • Helps to build relationships within group
  • Determine needs of group
  • Create good questions
  • Teach in such a way that people's lives are changed
  • The Kind of Person God Uses
  • Jesus as Lord
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • A Proper View Of God and Man
  • Evangelism and the Disciple
  • Recruiting a Prospective Disciple
  • How to Train a Disciple - Follow up, Imparting the Basics, Conviction and Perspective, Gifts and Calling
  • Multiplying Your Efforts
  • Choosing a Life Objective
  • In Person/virtual group
  • One hour weekly
  • Observe a trainer
  • Conduct One Session

Required Materials

The required course materials listed below are not included in the subscription fee and must be purchased separately. Your membership includes a 40% discount on the ATC Facilitator Sets. Discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

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