PSNL Curriculum Changes

After a review of the PSNL curriculum, it was suggested that it could be made easier to understand the flow with some numbering changes. This will help the logical flow for students working through the projects in their contracts.

The changes will be phased in during the next month, so please watch the numbering carefully to select the correct items when ordering and in the classroom. The titles are the same, it’s just some of the numbers that have changed. We hope these changes will aid new teachers in assisting students plan their contracts.

We are replacing the three PSNL Answer Keys with a new resource, the Facilitator Manual for the P10-P14 series. This contains Learning Objectives, Implementation, and Discussion Points for each of the projects, as well as Answer Keys. This manual will be invaluable to teachers in student discussions at the Stop Points. 

The content of the classes are the same, it’s just some numbers that are changing and all the projects are getting a small design refresh. Please check carefully as you’re ordering to assure you receive the projects you’re expecting. Thank you for all you do to disciple students.