PSNL 608: Managing Your Money

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 608: Managing Your Money is the sixth study in our series on Preparing for Success. Managing Your Money is a powerful tool for taking control of your finances and becoming a faithful steward of the resources God entrusts you with. This course teaches budgeting, getting out of debt, saving money, and more. It's the perfect way to ensure that you manage your money responsibly and use it in alignment with God's will for your life. This course teaches you how to make smart financial decisions that will benefit you and those around you.

This study serves as a guide and financial manual for participants, teaching them basic money management skills and giving them hope and confidence that financial freedom can become a reality. Managing Your Money leads participants to build a financial foundation that is in step with God’s truth, calling, and purpose in their life.

We will answer questions like: What does it mean to serve money? How do I avoid or get out of debt? How do I determine my financial priorities? Why do I need a budget? How do I create a budget and stick to it?