Trauma-Informed Care

Adult & Teen Challenge
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Unlock the Power of Healing with Our Trauma-Informed Care Program from a Faith-Based Perspective

Are you seeking to transform lives, deepen your connection with Christ, and become a beacon of healing and compassion in your ministry or community? Take a journey with us as we seek to understand the impact of both trauma and complex trauma from a Christ-centered perspective, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to make a lasting difference.

Discover the Benefits of this Program

Comprehensive Curriculum: Immerse yourself in a four-course program that delves deep into the heart of trauma and its impact on our relationship with God and others. Gain a profound understanding of the various types of trauma and their spiritual dimensions.

Christ-Centered Perspective: Explore trauma through the lens of faith, discovering how it intersects with our spiritual journey. Learn to navigate the complex terrain of trauma with Christ's love and compassion as your guiding light.

Practical Skills: Acquire practical, faith-driven skills to engage with and support those affected by trauma. Whether you serve in ministry or seek to make a positive impact in your community, you'll be well-prepared to extend healing and hope.

Demonstrate Christ's Love: Embrace the mission of demonstrating Christ's unwavering love in the face of trauma. Learn how to create safe, nurturing spaces where individuals can find solace and restoration.

Developed by Experts: Our program was developed by the Tim Fletcher Corporation with a deep passion for trauma-informed care and faith-based healing. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Join us on a sacred journey of healing, faith, and transformation.

Enroll in our Trauma-Informed Care Program today and become a powerful force for change in your ministry, community, or professional field. Together, we can bridge the gap between trauma and healing, guided by the love and compassion of Christ.