Discovering Your Strengths

Posted by Adult & Teen Challenge on 11th Nov 2022

Discovering Your Strengths

PSNL 306 – Discovering Your Strength is the third piece in the Finding New Strength series. In PSNL 106 and 206, we explored two foundational leadership principles: You have to follow before you can lead, and you have to lead yourself before you can lead others well. Discovering Your Strength builds upon those principles and explores the unique qualities of personal strength that make you, YOU.

Leadership isn’t for the faint of heart. It comes with a great deal of pressure. And withstanding that pressure requires real strength. When we rely solely on our strength and abilities, we can feel like we’re in control–even if it is an illusion. Learning to trust in God’s strength can be a difficult shift to make. When we don’t make the shift, we burn out, things unravel, and we can hurt ourselves and others.

That’s why understanding our God-given strengths is essential to the success of our leadership. In this study, we will expand our understanding of strength and what God says it is. We will also learn how awareness and development of our personal strengths play an essential role in how we use our leadership influence.

God has created each of us with personal strengths and Spiritual Gifts. And those strengths and gifts are meant to inform our purpose. As we do the work to discover and understand them, we’ll make better decisions about what dreams to pursue and how to make the most of the one life that we get.

This study will help us understand our strengths and how to assess our blind spots. It will hold the idea of strength under a microscope and ask some hard questions about it. Questions like:

  • What does strength look like?
  • What are my unique strengths?
  • How can my experiences become my strengths?
  • What are Spiritual Gifts?
  • How can I grow and utilize my strengths?

Discovering Your Strengths will challenge us to let go of long-held ideas that are so integrated into how we live, think, and interact with the world around us. We will also delve into how awareness, development of our strengths, and assessing our blind spots play an essential role in how we use our leadership influence.

Come ready to grow and do the work! As you do, God is going to meet you along the way to speak life and truth into who you are and bring clarity about who He’s created you to be. Remember, God promises to empower you with His strength for all that He’s purposed for you to do.