Living & Working with Integrity

Posted by Adult & Teen Challenge USA on 11th Nov 2022

Living & Working with Integrity

Adult & Teen Challenge is excited to announce the release of its third study in the Preparing for Success series: PSNL–308 Living & Working with Integrity. This study dives deeper into God’s Word to show us how to integrate our internal and external worlds and find balance in regular cycles of work and Sabbath rest. The fruit of this journey is the ability to demonstrate character through integrity, wisdom in how we prioritize and manage our time, and influence as we prove ourselves trustworthy people, diligent workers, and servant leaders.

Every follower of Jesus struggles to balance the demands of life within God’s will and mission. The goal of this journey towards balance and integrity is progress, not perfection. God wants to transform us from the inside out because He is more interested in our internal character than our outward achievements. The internal work He does in us reflects His love outwardly through our words, actions, and work.

Integrity is the secret sauce to a successful life. However, having integrity does not mean that life will be easy. In many cases, it can make our lives more challenging. Integrity is hard to find in culture today because so many people are using filters on social media platforms to portray a perfect image. What you see is often not what you get. As this study establishes, the only way to enjoy lasting and eternal success is to walk in godly integrity.

Every task, chore, or job can be filled with new meaning if we submit our lives to God’s will and Word. Work becomes an opportunity for God’s Spirit to flow through us, testifying of His love. Whether you’re employed or unemployed at work, home, church, or in the community. God is calling you to do His work by sharing his grace and love with a world in desperate need of Jesus.

The study answers important questions like:

  • Why does integrity matter?
  • Is work really that important?
  • Is working with a healthy balance part of Godly integrity?
  • How can we develop a better balance?
  • Is life all work and no play?

There are many motivations toward and purposes for work. For many, it’s a means to an end, and to others leisure is good and work is bad. Through the Living & Working with Integrity study, you will learn to redefine what work is, how you should approach it, and when you need to rest. We will turn to the Word of God to learn more about the importance and benefits of pursuing Godly integrity in our lives and our work.

Student Feedback

“I learned about all the different types of Integrity and what they mean. Also, about the different situations I will encounter along this journey with life to help me with making decisions about how to handle certain situations and dealings with others.”

“I learned what integrity was the different types how to use it as well, how to dig deeper to figure out your motives to see what’s important and what isn’t and finding a healthy balance. I also learned about the sabbath day which is a day of rest from being creative..”

"Basically, with this study I’ve learned to balance out things in my life. I’ve learned the importance of what it means to put godly integrity in my life and how to establish the work it takes to change things in my life. I’ve also learned that I have to find a healthy balance in my life…”

“The biggest thing that I learned was to develop better time management skills by changing my priorities and using a planner. I must set appropriate boundaries in my life by using integrity and balance.”

“That the Lord is pleased when we do things according to His definition of excellence, not mans' definition of perfection.”

“Without integrity, life for me would be imbalanced and would not honor God. To have integrity is to be the same even when there is no one else to see you but God. God will honor you when you honor Him with integrity and stick to God's values.”

“Integrity is not just about telling the truth it is also about how you live out your beliefs and who you say you are.”

“Integrity is essential. Work is a chance to honor God. You must maintain a good balance.”

“One struggle I have in growing in Integrity is keeping healthy boundaries with friends and co-workers. I need to bring God into my relationships. Some friends might have to go and I need to keep my guard up to keep from making compromises in Integrity.”

“Integrity matters because it is the reflection of what is really in our hearts.”