Understanding Addiction in the Family Context

Posted by Adult & Teen Challenge on 11th Nov 2022

Understanding Addiction in the Family Context

Are you searching for answers regarding your loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol?

Are you unsure about whether their use of substances can be classified as addiction? Do you wonder if you did something wrong to cause your loved one’s addiction? Are you frustrated that your loved one doesn’t seem to care or want to stop their behaviors, despite how they impact the family? Are you looking for a way you can help?

Adult & Teen Challenge has an online course designed specifically for you. In Understanding Addiction in the Family Context, licensed clinical and consulting psychologist, author, and international speaker Dr. Jared Pingleton addresses the answers to these questions in a brief 3-hour program. Each of the 4-steps in this program are designed to be sensitive to families and friends with a loved one facing addiction. It answers the most common questions families face and shows them how they can best help.

In Module One: Does My Loved One Have a Problem, Dr. Pingleton addresses the common symptoms of addiction and how to tell if someone might be struggling. He then also talks about how exposing addiction and bringing it to light often begins the process of healing and freedom. It looks closely at addiction and how it becomes a barrier to all relationships and impacts more people than just the person struggling with addiction.

Then, the next module, Module Two: Why Is This Happening to Us? asks the “why” questions people have about why one person might have an addiction, while another in a similar environment might not. It answers the question of whether it is something that “we did wrong” or something that “is our fault”.

Module Three: Why Can’t They Just Stop? asks exactly that. It looks at how stopping is not simply a matter of slamming on breaks or praying harder. There are physical and mental considerations to keep in mind, neither of which can be taken lightly. In fact, “just stopping” without proper medical care can lead to death in some cases. There is hope, and change is possible! It just needs to be done the right way, which Dr. Pingleton addresses.

The final module, Module Four: How Can I Help? offers practical solutions for family and friends. It gives great resources for ways to help anyone who struggles with addiction.

This course will give answers to the most common questions you face about your loved one’s addiction. It also will put practical tools in your hands for how everyone impacted can find healing, since everyone impacted has been hurt. This course emphasizes the fact that change is possible, because God is still in the business of making all things new!