Why Teach?

Posted by Adult & Teen Challenge on 11th Nov 2022

Why Teach?

All mentors and teachers can make a positive impression on the lives of the students they encounter. But people who work in recovery programs have the opportunity to give students hope for a completely new drug-free future and make an eternal impact for God’s Kingdom.

Your role as a teacher is to mold the future by influencing students’ world views and understanding. Also, you help them develop new behaviors, learn creativity, view the world in a positive approach, and find the potential they need to lead a productive life without depending on substances.

As a mentor in a Christian recovery classroom, it’s easy to have passion for the subject – Jesus! The best teachers have a deep love of learning and want to pass that along to others. If nothing makes you happier and more fulfilled than seeing a student discover their passion, experience success in learning, or come to understand the importance of perseverance, you will thrive in the classroom.

You’re working with people. You’re shaping values. You’re building character.

Passion for changing the world should be the single most important reason to become a teacher. Great teachers are life-long learners. They enjoy exploring new subjects and learning creative ways to communicate the concepts to the students.

Teachers have the opportunity to be a mentor and a role model for the students who pass through their classroom. Share your passion for Christ with students. It’s such a joy to see students thrive as they begin to build a new foundation on Christ.

No one ever said mentoring or teaching was an easy job, but the reward of leaving a tremendous legacy makes the hard work worthwhile. You’re ultimately changing the world, one life at a time.

Thank you for all you do!