Working Well with Others

Posted by Adult & Teen Challenge USA on 11th Nov 2022

Working Well with Others

Adult & Teen Challenge USA is proud to announce the release of its second study in the Preparing for Success series: PSNL 208 – Working Well with Others. This study builds upon the foundation of PSNL 108 Growing in Community, where we learned the importance of community and were encouraged to allow God to define what success looks like for them.

The truth revealed in this study is that success without others is impossible and joyless. If working well with others is a struggle for you, you’re not alone. It may seem easier to do things on your own. We’ve all thought that. But when pressures mount and fear begins to creep in, we fold. We realize that we’re not enough. Cultivating healthy relationships and working well with others are vital life skills but they are not easy. That’s why it’s the focus of this study.

Since we were designed by God to work, live, love, and thrive in community together, it’s not enough to just join a community. We have to do the work. PSNL 208: Working Well with Others teaches us that ongoing success requires us to take responsibility and ownership for how we interact and work with the people in it. Unfortunately, “responsibility” is a term in our society that many avoid, and others fear.

The study answers important questions like:

  • Where do we start?
  • What does it look like to work well with others?
  • How do we learn to become active healthy participants within our communities?
  • How do we do our part to ensure mutual growth?
  • How should we handle difficult people?

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships and solid people skills is an on-going and growing responsibility. Other valuable life skills taught in this study are learning to read the room, understanding and managing conflict and mediating healthy conflict resolution. These skills will empower us to step into new situations with confidence in our ability to build meaningful connections with others (even when it’s difficult or messy).

PSNL 208: Working Well with others also teaches us that ongoing success requires us to count the cost of (consider) what it will take to attain, maintain, and exceed our God-given goals. Why is this important? Because success isn’t a one-time accomplishment; it takes community, and it is built over a lifetime.

While all of these life skills are important, the overarching goal of this study is to invite God to begin a transformative process in us as we accept and then share His grace (undeserved favor) with others. Let’s ask God to develop our character, check our motives, and empower us to be responsible as we walk into new communities with courage, wisdom, and most importantly…HIS AMAZING GRACE.

Student Feedback

“I had a lot more to learn than I realized. I enjoyed the idea of reading the room.”

“I’m not really good at making relationships last or being strong, so during this study I was challenged to go out of my comfort zone and to grow loving relationships with all the ladies at the center.”

“I started reading the room. I haven't been getting irritated that easily and I've been giving a lot of grace.”

“This study taught me how to slow down and humble myself. Read the room. Be patient with others. Recognize my own faults first.”

“It encouraged me to consider the fullness of what working with others entails. I had felt as though I had pretty much figured it out, so others were the problem. This study showed me how much more growth I had left.”

“I believed that it was possible to obtain success just by myself, through this It taught me that that simple just is not the case."