Intimacy with Purpose for Women - Student Set

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The Intimacy with Purpose track covers the topic of healthy intimacy.  The first three workbooks, 105, 205, & 305 cover the topic of healthy sexual intimacy.  The author of these books is Cindy Irwin, a licensed AG minister and Christian sex therapist.

The next three studies PSNL 405, 505, & 605 teach our students the importance of relational, non-sexual intimacy with God, others, and in marriage.

In these studies, we utilize a picture of a pyramid to explain God’s design for healthy intimacy. If sexual intimacy is the top point of the pyramid…the smallest part, because it takes up a relatively small amount of our time on this earth. It’s important, but it needs a solid foundation to be safe, healthy, and stable.

Set includes all 6 female “Intimacy with Purpose” studies: “The Value of You”, “Treasure of Your Femininity”, “Eyes Wide Open”, “Intimacy with God”, “Connecting with Others”, and “The Intimacy of Marriage”.