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Living Free
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This is a powerful tool that can enhance your small groups and ministry to people dealing with life's issues. These vignettes are taken directly from the Living Free Video Training series so you know that they will capture the attention and emotions of those who view them. You can use these video cuts to:

  • introduce topics in your Turning Point small groups so that participants will have increased awareness about life's issues and the power of Christ.
  • illustrate lessons and sermons with personal stories and drama.
  • help people you counsel understand the dynamics of life-controlling problems.

The vignette clips vary in time from twenty seconds to six minutes. With DVD you can go to the exact vignette you want to view without having to guess where the next clip begins. Segments include:

  1. ANYONE CAN HAVE A PROBLEM (13 vignettes)
  2. ISSUES AND IDOLS (10 vignettes)
  3. TRAPS (12 vignettes)
  4. DENIAL AND DELUSION (11 vignettes)
  5. FAMILY IMPACT (9 vignettes)
  7. ACCOUNTABILITY (7 vignettes)
  8. COMMUNICATING THE TRUTH (11 vignettes)

The power of a personal story of God's grace can be a breakthrough in the life of a hurting person. This Living Free resource will is an effective tool to use when ministering to those with life controlling problems.