PSNL 107: Exposing the Nature of Addiction

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 107 - Exposing the Nature of Addiction is the first in the Breaking Free series. It provides us with straightforward insight into the very nature of addiction and challenges us to look at how addiction has or is affecting our lives and the lives of those we love. It confronts the destructive path addiction carves into our relationships with God and others. This won't be an easy journey, but hope, joy, and freedom await us on the otherside. 

Exposing the Nature of Addiction outlines the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social effects of addiction through a Biblical perspective and exposes the darkness of addiction to the light of God's Word. This study contrasts the chaos of addiction with the blessings, peace, and freedom made available to us through Christ.

This study answers questions like: why is it important to understand the nature and effects of addiction, what does the Bible say about addiction, how does addiction affect us, and where can we find hope and freedom from addiction.