307: Understanding Grief & Addiction

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 307: Understanding Grief and Addictionis the third study in the Breaking Free series. It encourages us to explore the relationship between addiction and grief. Addiction is a breeding ground for grief.  It multiplies, complicates, and compounds it.  Learning to mourn and heal by surrendering our grief to God, allows us to move forward in a healthy way.  

Understanding Grief and Addiction help us identify and begin to work through grief points that are affecting us negatively.  It also focuses on building our awareness and knowledge of how to grieve in a healthy way. This study goes straight to the Bible to learn from those who suffered great sorrow and loss but who remained faithful to the Lord, finding new life in Him. This study challenges us to confront our own grief points and to turn to the Lord for healing, strength, and courage. 

We will answer questions like: Why talk about grief?  What does grief (in the context of addiction) look like and how do we identify our grief points?  How can we understand the grief of those we love?  And how can we grieve in a healthy way?