108: Growing in Community

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 108–Growing in Community is the first study in the Preparing for Success series. It tackles the question: How can we begin to grow and succeed in life?  Even though we all have unique pasts, values, and experiences, preparing for success requires us to learn new skills. We will focus on how opening up to build community with God and others can help us learn, grow, and succeed.  Healthy community engagement allows us to learn new life skills, build our character, and step into God’s abundant resources.

Healthy community is meant to challenge and show us our areas of weakness in order to help us grow. If we are never challenged, confronted or questioned by those around us, it’s not healthy. We need God and other people to help us develop the character, strength, and abilities necessary for success. 

This study builds our understanding of the importance of community engagement for long-term success and teaches change management skills that help us adjust to new community settings. It normalizes the fears and reluctance people may have toward connecting in a community and build their confidence as they take steps of faith.