PSNL 508: Securing Employment

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 508: Securing Employment is the fifth study in the series on Preparing for Success. This study aims to equip students with the necessary life skills and knowledge needed to enter or re-enter the workforce with faith, humility, and confidence. A successful life requires replacing the survival skills one has picked up along the way with true life skills that lay a foundation for success. This study teaches participants how to build a professional network, establish successful job search strategies, create resumes and cover letters that stand out from others, speak to any gaps in work history, and practice successful interviewing techniques.

By the end of this study, we pray that the student will understand how God can redeem their past, even a poor work history, and use their remaining time in recovery to equip themselves for employment and prepare to explain the gap to potential employers.

We will answer questions like: Where do we begin? How do we address our employment gap? What does job preparedness look like? How do we show an employer what we can offer? What are hiring managers looking for?