PSNL Certification Curriculum Bundle

Adult & Teen Challenge
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This bundle contains all the PSNL curriculum that is required reading in the online PSNL Certification program. This curriculum bundle alongside the PSNL certification training program is a great way to familiarize yourself with our personal studies.

The online PSNL Facilitator Certification Course itself must be purchased separately. 

The Bundle includes:

  • Introductory PSNL Studies: Bible Reading Class, Character Qualities Class, Personal Reading Class, Scripture Memorization Class, Sunday Sermon Personalization Class
  • Projects: Projects 10-39 Facilitator Guide and Answer Key, 10-Welcome Packet, 11-Does God Have Plans for My World?, 12-A New Look At Life, 13A-Yes I Want to Become a Christian, 13B-My Questions About Christianity,          13C-I'm not Sure If I am a Christian, 13D-Now That I'm a Christian, 18-Who is God?, 21-Showing Kindness,            22-Forgiving Others, 23-Your Thoughts, 24-A New Way of Living,  25-Showing Respect, 26-Enthusiasm,                    27-Showing Gentleness, 28-Responsibility, 29-Discoveries for Today, 32-New Hope for Life, 33-Preparing for Court,    34-Managing Sexual Impulses, 35-Biography of My Family, 36-God's Plan for the Family, 37-My Life of Work, 38-Interviewing Christian Workers, 39-Sometimes I Feel Like Leaving.
  • PSNL Curriculum Studies: Breaking Free Facilitator Set (7 books) | Intimacy with Purpose for Men Facilitator Guide & Answer Key Only | Intimacy with Purpose for Women Facilitator Guide & Answer Key Only| Preparing for Success  Facilitator Guide & Answer Key Only | Finding New Strength 106-306 Facilitator Guide & Answer Key Only