205F: Treasure of Your Femininity

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 205 - Value of My Gender outlines God’s design for our gender. Our feelings and thoughts about our gender are affected by our personal experiences, our beliefs, and the beliefs of those around us. As surprising as it sounds, gender is not only about how we look (but biology is a part of it).  If gender isn’t only about how we look or what we do, what is it about?

PSNL 205 – Value of My Gender is founded on the scripture Genesis 1:27 that says, “So God created mankind in His image, in the image of God He created them: male and female He created them.”   This tells us that we are not just flesh and bones.  We are made in God’s image.  We are spiritual beings capable of communicating and having a relationship with God.  It also tells us that we are ALL made in His image, making us equally valuable.

The goal of this study is to lay out the female heart posture as described within Scripture. “Heart posture” is simply a way to describe how our gender goes beyond our physical appearance and the things we do. In PSNL 205 Treasure your Femininity, we learn that women were created to be: A Royal Heroine, a Helping Strength, the Beauty of Life, and a Woman of Wisdom.