306: Discovering Your Strengths

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 306: Discovering Your Strengths is the third study in the Finding New Strength series. This study is designed to help you discover and develop the unique strengths God has given you and provide a framework for how our unique strengths are connected to our God-given purpose.

This study will help us understand our strengths and how to assess our blind spots. We will delve into how awareness and development of our strengths are essential in how we use our leadership influence.

Through a combination of biblical teaching and various assessments, this study gives us the opportunity to discover more about our divine design. This study will enable them to go beyond a general understanding of purpose, and instead, begin to see the story God is writing in their life.

We will answer questions like: What does strength look like? What are my unique strengths? What are Spiritual gifts? How can I grow and use my strengths?