106: Understanding Authority

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 106: Understanding Authority is the first study in the Finding New Strength series. It looks through the lens of Scripture at what healthy leadership is and how we can access new sustainable sources of power and strength. It also explores Spiritual and earthly authority and how they're connected to leadership. Understanding Authority emphasizes how submission to authority is the key to unlocking our God-given purpose and examines how God operates in His authority and leads out of His love for us, not a desire to have power over us. 

The goal of this study is to provide a clear understanding of God as the loving and trustworthy source of all authority. It is also designed to establish the importance and connection between finding strength and purpose as they submit to God's authority and love.

We will answer questions like: What is real leadership? What is authority? Why should I submit to authority? What is submission? What does it look like? What does a healthy attitude toward authority look like?