208: Working Well with Others

Adult & Teen Challenge
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PSNL 208: Working Well with Others is the second piece in the Preparing for Success series.  In this study, we recognize the hard truth that success without other people is impossible and joyless. Does that sound uncomfortable or a bit scary? Don’t worry this study will give you the tools you need to develop healthy working relationships and solid people skills.

In PSNL 208: Working Well with Others, we will answer questions like: Where do we start? What does it look like to work well with others? How do we learn to work well with others?  How should we handle difficult people? How do we begin to treat others well?

We know there are challenges that come with stepping into a new community or group.  In this study we’ll embark on a journey to move from feeling fearful, anxious, or defensive in group settings to feeling prepared, confident, and maybe just slightly awkward. By the way, feeling a little awkward is healthy and it reflects humility.

This study is designed to prepare us to enter new social settings with faith, humility, and confidence–all balanced together. Sound impossible? Well, it’s not! But it is challenging. Why? Because success isn’t a one–time accomplishment, it’s built over a lifetime.  It takes preparation and consistent work. When we allow God to define success for us, He will fill us with power, perseverance, compassion, and strength.