308: Living & Working with Integrity

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PSNL 308: Living & Working with Integrity is the third piece in the Preparing for Success series. Living a successful life requires us to balance work, rest, and responsibilities. This study will help you begin to align all aspects of your life with the truth of God’s Word by living and working with integrity. Our goal in this alignment process is progress, not perfection as we invite God to do a transformative work in our hearts.

In PSNL 308–Living & Working with Integrity we answer important questions like: Why does integrity matter? Is work really that important? Is working with a healthy balance part of godly integrity? How can we develop a better balance? Is life all work and no play?

Living a completely balanced life in every area is like an oasis in the desert—it doesn’t really exist. And how do we even define balance? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with our circumstances and everything to do with the posture of our hearts. Only the wisdom and guidance of God can empower us to manage the responsibilities of life in an eternally successful way. But we must seek his guidance.

In this study, we’ll dive deeper into God’s Word to learn how to integrate our internal and external worlds and find balance in regular cycles of work and Sabbath rest. The fruit of this journey is the ability to demonstrate character through integrity, wisdom in how we prioritize and manage our time, and influence as we prove ourselves trustworthy people, diligent workers, and servant leaders.